Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Chadwell Heath Station Upgrade

In the picture you will see Syed Siyani of One railway with Councillor Balvinder Saund and I, in a meeting I arranged to tackle the previously dilapidated state of Chadwell Heath Station. More details can be viewed on the former Labour Chadwell Blog. Further to the recent increased maintenance of the station that I was particularly focused on implementing - I have further good news! The station will soon have a major redevelopment including an increase to 12 platforms as part of the Crossrail project. This will include CCTV and washrooms plus much more. I will give more details in my next post on the subject after I speak to TFL.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Redbridge Peace Monument

Many residents may not be aware of this, however, since
last year I have been working on a project to raise funds for a Peace monument near Ilford Town centre. The monument (if we are successful) will be installed at the Winston Way Roundabout at the location where teenager Kashif Mahmood was killed by another teenager in a violent act that shocked the nation. We hope the monument will provide solace to the Family of Kashif Mahmood and other victims of violent crime within Redbridge. It will also provide Redbridge South an area deficinet of any public art with a truly remarkable art feature. We also intend to organise an art competition that will result in message and art work of peace being mosaically inserted into the floor aroun the base of the art feature. In the picture I am joined by Parvin Mahmood (mother of Kashif Mahmood and Mary Foley the mother of Charlotte Polious another teenager tragically stabbed to death by another teenager near Ilford Lane. We have thus far raised close to £3000, however the toatal cost of the project is in the region of £10,000. I will keep you up to date with progress, however if you would like to learn more or would like to donate click here.

monument design

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Isla Martin our new Green Activist is pictured next to some rubbish dumped on the streets. This was found by her, this afternoon, whilst walking along Shepherds Close near the junction of Havering Gardens. Rubbish needs to be put out in Shepherds Close on Fridays and this particular example of dumping is rather disturbing, as it is not in front of any home. The mess has been reported to the Environmental team, however, if you do see any persons undertaking such activity please remember identity details - as enforcement action can be taken.

Band Aid 2

I posted alarming concerns about the increase of Postman strewn rubber bands in Chadwell/Chadwell Heath in a post back in March. Since then the problem seems to have increased. Today whilst delivering letters along Glendale Avenue (off Grove Road) a resident asked me if I could work on resolving the issue. I informed him that I have approached Royal Mail and they are yet to respond....however, in April the General Cleansing Team had promised to write to them and copy me into he response. I took a picture of the fore of 12 Glendale Avenue and you can see the vast number of the bands littered on the streets. This road is particularly covered in the offending items and I will challenge the General Cleansing to visit the location with me on Tuesday, so that we can all agree on an action plan going forward.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Arson spree

I reported a number of fires to bin areas, within residential estates near Chadwell Heath Foundation School and forgot to mention the applaing burning down of a resident fence, which also engulfed a garden tree. This resident lives in quarles Park Road estate, which backs on to Crucible Park. I was so incensed with the victims story that I asked him to inform the local papers which resulted in an article and a promise for increased patrols from the police in the area. I would add that if any local resident has a description of any miscreant from the school that might be responsible for any crime in your area the school does maintain a rogues gallery picture selection that could help to determine culprits. You will need to get in touch with the school to view the pictures.

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Wangey Road Cash Box Theft

Two robbers stole cash boxes from a Bank Courier at 16:10 on Friday 15th May. They drove of in a blue car after running down Wangey Road. Police are seeking witnesses who might be able to provide any evidence that could lead to the apprehension of the felons. please the Police Direct on 020 8345 4226 or annoymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

Shepherds Close NHW

Thank you to all the residents who arrived at the Shepherds Close NHW held last night (Isla was pleased as the group seems to be growing). One visitor advised me of a covered vehicle without wheels and very old and rusty that was encroaching on the un-adopted road - I will look into this matter for you. I am also to advise people about how to use the new free weekly garden waste Collection, and I will write to you all. I have also been informed of a property with a boiler ventilation shaft, particularly close to a neighbours window and will ask for an investigation into this matter. The date for the next meeting is the 13th August 2009 at the same location, Somerville Hall, Somerville Road (opposite First Avenue).

Thursday, 21 May 2009

True Hero!

Philip Walby of the Antisocial behaviour Team has been working hard resolving some of our Chadwell Issues. Since his work Mick Perring a Met Police Crime Prevention Officer has called two Allotment Holders and has already pencilled in a date to undertake a crime report, which could lead to potential funding for a remedy. Once I receive the report I will challenge the Borough Community safety Team to contribute towards the cost of the scheme and perhaps the Area 5 Committee also.

I have also been advised that the Police and L&Q are already well into the process of obtaining an antisocial behavior contract for the two difficult properties on Bengeo Gardens.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Redbridge Carnival Queen Selection

Redbridge Carnival is looking for women aged between 16 - 30 to be the new queen and two princesses for the carnival and having the duty of being recognisesd as ambassadors for Redbridge. Prizes include a £500 fashion photoshoot and Hair and beauty treatment from Toni and Guy. If your interested click here.

Monday, 11 May 2009

No Ball Games signage verdict delayed again!

Gary Staight our elected Councillor for Chadwell once again deferred the installation of a No-ball games sign for Shepherds Close and the removal of the existing sign at the green on Essex Road - at tonights Area 5 Committe Meeting. He is awaiting a decision on the campaign led by Isla, Juliet and I that will see the potential for a local by-law against Antisocial sports. This is a real shame as I believe if the by-law is to be introduced it will occur after a period of longevity and this small scheme could have introduced some solace to local residents of both these areas. Quite why he did not support the removal of the "No Ball Games" sign from Essex Road I do not know - even though there was majority favour for both these schemes?