Friday, 26 August 2011

Whale of a Time at Redbridge Carnival

Local Residents urged to visit Whale of a Time at Redbridge Carnival
Award Winning Eco-Warrior Irene Schleining, founder of Whale of a Time is asking residents to get down and dirty at Redbridge Carnival as she uses creative arts to connect the community with nature and wildlife.
The Whale of a Time Workshop will be arriving in Redbridge for the first time ever at Redbridge Carnival held on September 10th and 11th 2011 at Valentines Park.

“We provide a fun and hands-on activity where young and old are able to model whales and other endangered species out of clay and at the same time learn about the environment, biodiversity and sustainability whilst having a whale of a time!
Participants will make a model of endangered animal and/or plant species. Participants can not only explore their knowledge about endangered species but also investigate ways we can actively change our behaviours towards a sustainable society with less impact on the environment and find ways to take steps to preserve endangered species.”
Director of Whale of a Time Irene Schleining commented;
“We met with the Redbridge Carnival Committee this week and were pleased to mutually agree a commission to undertake our programme at an event that seeks to bring community together in a positive manner. Their focus on community and preserving the environment is similar to ours and we hope that our being present will add a new dimension to an already successful event, whilst challenging local people to preserve our ecosystem.”
The Whale of a Time Workshop has won the Making a Big Difference Award 2010 and NHS Community Wellbeing Competition 2010. It has been nominated for the London Peace Awards 2010, the Archant London Business Awards 2010 and the Archant London Environmental Awards 2009. Recently Whale of a Time has been nominated for the Future Friendly Awards 2011.
For more information go to our website at
Have a whale of a time! ;)
Your Whale of a Time Community

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Redbridge needs you!

A call for witnesses who can confirm the identities of the perpetrators of the Redbridge riots now challenges our community to get involved in the clean up.  I hope many of you will respond with vigour as only together we will prevent a repeat of the fear our small town was subjected to last week:

Dear All,

The recent Public Disorder resulted in many crimes being recorded in Redbridge. 

Since the outbreak of the disturbances, my Officers have been working tirelessly to bring Offenders to Justice. So far 56 arrests have been made, nine warrants executed  and 29 charged.

We have been overwhelmed by the Public Support and thank you for your good wishes. Many of you have asked what you can do to assist Police.
Well I am now in a position to appeal to you to assist in bringing offenders to Justice.

On the Redbridge Police website are images of individuals we are keen to identify. This is your opportunity to work with us to provide details of those we are keen to trace.

If you do recognise somebody from these images do not approach them. 

Please contact Redbridge Police with the information on 0208 345 2764 or alternatively contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. 

Please visit

(Click Here)


Sue Williams
Det Chief Supt,

Man stabbed in Ilford yesterday - Police confirm the incident was not related to the recent riots!

Yesteraday morning at approximately 0400hrs Police responded to a disturbance in the High Road, Ilford close to Ilford Police Station.

Police Officers and the London Ambulance Service attended the scene and discovered an 18 year old man who had suffered stab wounds.

The man was initially treated at the scene and then taken to a north London Hospital where he is currently undergoing surgery.

This is an isolated incident and is not connected to the recent London and England-wide disturbances which took place last week.

There area has been cordoned off while forensic examinations of the scene take place.

At present the cordons restrict pedestrian access to the Town Centre via the Police Station end of the High Street. The cordons will also restrict any access to the businesses operating in the Ilford Retail Park.

The remainder of the High Road from Lynton House and toward the Exchange is not affected by the incident.
At this stage it is estimated that the cordons will be in place for the majority of the day. We appreciate your patience and will endeavour to return to normality at the earliest convenience once this aspect of the investigation is complete.

See also Policing by Numbers

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Panic on the streets of London!

I have been through some scary moments in my life, but no more so, than last night whilst finishing a course in Peckham South London.  The venue of my training was slap bang in the middle of the ensuing violence and rioting. 

As fear took over I sought safe refuge upstairs behind locked doors with many other trainees and the course leader. 

From the large window we could see huge numbers of youths numbering in their hundreds provoking police, smashing through windows on business premises, pillaging, looting and vandalising. 

As a calm ensued at around 8pm many of us fled through a fire exit and ran to the local station.  All around me was the destruction and the debris from the evening's carnage.  In particular large amounts of fruit stolen from a local grocers created a real mess everywhere.

I thanked God for safe travel to the station and hoped to walk through the safe streets of Ilford to my home where I wanted to bunker away from the danger in the south and north of  London. 

My shock at arriving to an ilford filled with Police, a Town centre with prohibited access and news of a rampage on Ilford Lane caused further anxiety.  I had to walk a dangerous journey along a much wider route and was fearing for my life all the way.

Outside the Police station I saw a massive number of police and their vehicles and set my mind to walking with a more speedy pace, fearing being a place normally associated with safety.

Reaching home was a cathartic experience and a moment of great joy.

Today the crises continues as I returned to my training course (11:30), Police milled all over the streets of Peckham.  They were trying to restore local confidence and peace.  To my chagrin, I discovered that my course had been cancelled, yet I had not been informed. 

Suddenly a rumour spread that youths were gathering in Camberwell and were to visit Peckham for another day of pillage and plunder.  I saw a large gathering of Police and people in suits and decided to investigate,  and came across David Milliband.  He decided to visit the shocked community of Peckham to share his concern and reassure them that action would be taken to prevent a repeat occurence.

I shouted a call to David and queried what punitive action would be taken on the youths apprehended during the recent skirmishes and majot street attacks in London.  His response was non-committal as he replied;

"Our first priority is to restore peace."

I did not gain any reassurance or confidence form this reply so I asked him whether the government would be willing to deploy the military to support the Police in the face of the scale and number of these looting activities.  Mr Milliban replied;

"We are increasing the number of Police on the streets and and belive this is the best way to approach the situation."

As a Redbridge resident I raised concern about the attacks on Ilford Lane last night and various BP petrol stations.  Mr Miliband confirmed that Policing would be increased in all targetted areas.

I returned to my Offic around 14:30 and discovered that my staff had gone home and that all shops on Green Lane had been closed down.  I called the office manager on her mobile and discovered that a local business owner had received a call from the Police informing him to shut his business and to advise others to do the same. 

I called the local Police to enquire into the treat level and risk of attack and was shocked to discover the call had been a hoax and that I an other businesses had suffered a significant loss in productivity and sales, as a consequence of a unsolicited call. 

I have asked the Local police to inform me of any required closures in future as Chairman of the local Business group (East Ilford Business Partnership) and Chairman of Redbridge Against Violent Crime.  I have also suggested that they create a communication link with business partnerships across the borough so they can be contacted in a similar fashion, freeing police time to protect the innocent and save lives.  It would also prevent future hoaxes that cost so much to our local businesses and exacerbates existing panic.