Friday, 23 November 2012

Police gearing up to stamp out crime!

Local Police ramped up the drive to eradicate violent crime, especially crimes involving guns and knives.

Today at Ilford Station a knife arch was strategically located by the main entrance of the station.  The arch was there to deter the carrying of offensive weapons, after a spate of four stabbings in the local area.

Police held an information stall in Ilford town centre yesterday, from 12:00 - 17:00, at which they distributed  panic alarms, burglar alarms and window motion sensors to tackle a recent surge in violent crime, burglary and theft; whilst also providing information on how to keep you home and person safe.

Visible police patrols have increased and Sergeant Sutton of Clementswood Police has also agreed to hold a crime meeting at Clementswood and Mayfield Community Centre in the new year.    We will inform you of dates once they have been confirmed.

Hate crime has increased in our wards and we will be inviting faith groups to join us at the meeting, so that in solidarity as a community, we can provide necessary assistance and intelligence to local police, enabling them to set more appropriate local policing priorities.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Yet another stabbing in our local area - residents demand meeting with Police

The EIBP has received several further requests for a knife crime meeting after a fourth stabbing occurred in our area within 3 months.  This time the incident which occurred on Tuesday around 6pm took place on Philpott Path the off road pavement area behind Winston Way Primary School.  The incident was not a fatal attack.

Local residents at our previous meeting requested Panic alarms and I have spoken to Mayfield SNT who have said they will look into holding a joint Clementswood/Mayfield SNT public reassurance meeting at our community centre.  They will be bringing some free crime prevention paraphernalia including panic alarms.

Mayfield SNT and Clementswood SNT have increased local patrols to ensure residents see a visible display of policing and hope this will deter local crime.  Gang culture in our local area is increasing and we call on parents to be more vigilant in preventing their young ones being drawn into this pervading social malaise.

We will publish details of a date as soon as we are informed and will letter drop the area.

Free crime prevention devices including panic alarms will be distributed in Ilford Town Centre tomorrow.  Police will be setting up their stall form 12pm.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Mammoth day 10th November 2012

On the 148th anniversary of the excavation of Uphall Brick Pits (along Ilford lane), that led to the discovery of Britain's largest mammoth remains and only complete Mammoth skull - local people met outside Ilford Methodist Church to unveil a new plaque which commemorates this significant find.

Around 200,000 years ago Ilford was a savannah and the climate would have held a temperature much hotter than in modern times.

Free "Mammoth burgers" and hot dogs were given to visitors at a celebratory music event, attended by Professor Adrian Lister senior palaeontologist from the Natural History Museum, he brought a mammoth tooth and toe bone for people to touch and see.  Young children also competed a short quiz, produced by Ilford Historical Society - a prize of I-Tune vouchers was on offer for the winner!

"Enterprise" who run Redbridge's recycling provision held a stall encouraging the creation of mammoth fridge magnets using recyclable material

The event was well attended and the permanent plaque that was funded by the British Pakistani Christian Association, will be a constant reminder of the heritage we have here in Ilford.  Ilford Museum within Redbridge Central Library has some of the original mammoth bones that are on loan from the Natural History Museum.  Moreover, one of the the Natural History Museums most prized possessions and displays is the original complete skull found locally, which is still called the "Ilford Mammoth."

Local people were fascinated by the Mammoth bones and the senior professor from the Natural History Museum in attendance at a our small Ilford event.

Despite cold weather people really enjoyed the day.

A real mammoth tooth.

A mammoth toe bone.

People came from all over to see what the fuss was about.

It was exciting just to be able to touch the mammoth bones.

Professor Adrian lister spoke of the importance of the finds.

People gathered to listen to this fascinating news of hairy elephants.

Professor Lister brought an image of the skull at the Natural History Museum

Sir Antonio Brady discovered the remains during November 1854

A riveting speech had people locked in...

Visitors were literally glued to the spot!

The unveiling of the plaque drew attention.

Professor lister spoke of the importance of this local find in the paleontological sphere.

Professor Lister described the savanna that once was here in Ilford.

People delayed shopping to watch the unveiling.

The unveiling of the plaque brought great excitement.

The only plaque with the Queens name in Ilford South.

A countdown of five led to a well received unveiling.

The new plaque replaces one that was stolen in January.

Wilson Chowdhry chair of the BPCA with Professor Adrian Lister.

The mammoth bones created huge excitement.

People ate mammoth burgers and hot dogs whilst learning about recycling.

Children and young people made mammoth fridge magnets and completed Ilford historical Society's quiz.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Redbridge Community Awards the Winners!

Hundreds of people attended a ceremony in Ilford Town Hall  Friday 9th November 2012 to honour the numerous community volunteers and leaders, responsible for improving the lives of others.  The inaugural Redbridge Community awards were initiated to recognise the contribution of self sacrificing community stalwarts that have created a lively, well-integrated, healthy society in our borough. Shorlisted nominees from several categories and their guests were invited to a celebratory evening full of live music, fascinating talks and a trophy presentation.  Our special thanks to Band Ooberfues, Shin Cobra and of course Redbridge School of Gymnastics.

Special guest Dr Martin Stern one of the few remaining Nazi Holocaust survivors spoke of the need for communities to work together to combat racism and prejudice.  In an emotive speech he described his torment during his imprisonment at a concentration camp.  He said;  

"I was one of the luck ones if I had been taken to Auschwitz I could have died within 2 hours, many of my friends and family were not so fortunate"  He added;

"It is wonderful to see the harmonious society here in Redbridge.  It is imperative that the community bridges that have been built are not deconstructed, we all have our part to play in creating a fairer society."  

Independent Judges for the awards included; Chief Inspector Elaine Casey, Jacquie Grieves - Redbridge Faith Forum, Darren Trippick - Redbridge Sports Development Office and Anja Beinroth - East London Community Foundation.  Some of the categories were extremely difficult to distinguish between nominations and smaller trophies were given to those that "just missed the mark."

We list the winners below however their biographies can be read in the link just underneath:

(Click here)


Community Stalwart Category

Bushra Tahir Founder - Awaaz Group

Runner up:

Chris Wyatt - Redbridge Music Lounge

Bushra Tahir receives award from Darren Trippick Redbridge Sports Development Officer

Anja Beinroth (ELCF), Chief Inspector Elaine Casey, Bushra Tahir, Darren Trippick and Wilson Chowdhry.

Performance for the Community

Mr Kuldeep Singh and Sukhbinderjeet Kour

Runner Up:

Redbridge School of Gymnastics

Chief Inspector Elaine Casey presenting trophy to "Kuldeep and Rimpy"

Chief Inspector Elaine Casey presents RSG with Runners-Up certificate.

Sport for the Community

Spartans Basketball Club

1st Runner up:

Redbridge School of Gynmnastics

2nd Runner up:

Foundation Football

Chief Inspector Elaine Casey presents trophy to Spartans Basketball Club.

Paul Mckenzie of Spartans thanks the RCA Awards and his supporters.

The RSG Display Team collect their trophy and a special runners -up trophy for their dual nomination!

RSG with Anja Beinroth (ELCF)

The girls from RSG shouted a big thank you to their instructor Stephanie Thomas!

Anja Beinroth of ELCF presents certificate to Tony Charles Foundation Football

Volunteer of the Year 

Chandra Arora - Hockey Coach

1st Runners up

Ursula Rabbitte - Victim Support and Danny O'Brien Anti-knifeUK (tied score)

2nd Runner up

 Cecelia Ngeze Victim Support/EIBP 

Mr Chandra Arora collects his trophy

Danny O'Brien  presented certificate by Darren Trippick. 

Cecilia Ngeze collects certificate for Ursula Rabbitte

Cecelia NGeze collects her certificate flanked by judges and Wilson Chowdhry

Young Volunteer

Mr Akshay Mandalia - Air Training Corps Cadet

Runner - Up:

Vino Mano - Ilford County High School

Chief Inspector Elaine Casey presents Young Volunteer trophy to Akshay Mandalia

Akshay Mandalia flanked by all judges and Wilson Chowdhry

EIBP Chairperson Sania Satwat collects certificate on behalf of Vino Mano

Life Time Achievement

Len Hoffmann - Mossford Table Tennis Club

Runner Up:

Neelam Pahl (various)

Anja Beinroth presents trophy to Len Hoffman

Anja Beinroith presents Certficate to Neelam Pahl

Neelam Pahl flanked by all judges and Wilson Chowdhry

Police Officer of the Year

PC Estella Dooley - Valentines Ward

Chief Inspector Elaine Casey presents award to PC Estella Dooley 

PC Dooley flanked judges and Wilson Chowdhry

Group shot of winners

Group shot of winners

Spartans Basketball club

Dr Martin Stern and Wilson Chowdhry

Redbridge School of Gymnastics performing on stage.

Hannah Chowdhry finds things awkward.

Literally hundreds came to the event.

Hannah Chowdhry all smiles!

Shin Cobra performed Punjabi tracks form his latest album!

Copies of Shin's recent album were given to dancers challenged from the audience!

People of all diversities awaited the results.

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